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Age: 14+
Players: 2
Playtime: 15-30 minutes
Genre: Strategy Game

FINS is a lightweight, family-friendly, strategy board game for 2 players. The first player begins by flipping a double-sided coin to reveal a secret Action. Actions include relocating rival coins, skipping multiple coins on the game board, and stealing coins from another player’s Victory Card. After implementing the revealed Action, the player ends their turn by skipping over a coin on the Board and using it to replenish their Hand. Gameplay continues clockwise around the table. The player who is first to collect three of each coin, wins the game.

The game is packaged in a resealable, bottom-heavy, stand-up pouch and includes a velvet drawstring game bag.

Rules (PDF)


  • (1) 6″ x 4″ Game Board
  • (1) 10″ x 8″ Velvet Drawstring Game Bag
  • 24 Double-sided Wood Coins
  • 4 Wood Tokens
  • 2 Victory Cards
  • Rulebook
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Additional information

Weight .113 kg
Dimensions 33.02 × 25.4 × 5.08 cm