RinCon Game Schedule (Dreamco Games)

Saturday, June 24th Dreamco Tabletop Game Schedule at RinCon

ImageNameGenreDescriptionStart TimeEnd Time
SkyroseStrategic medieval fantasy board gameA competitive, medium-weight, strategic medieval fantasy board game for 2-6 players. Players battle to conquer an impenetrable island stronghold. The castle is occupied by a dragon and an elite army, and protected by rings of deadly terrain. Each player embarks on missions to acquire treasure and other resources. Players can use gold to purchase weapons to outfit their armies, buy ships, hire mercenaries, and enlist monsters to help them achieve their goals. 10am12pm
CrypticolorCode making and breakingAn individual, or team-based, lightweight board game for 2-6 players. Players are rival spies who use guesswork to break codes. A code word from an agent could prove to be a deadly intelligence leak if it’s not decoded immediately. Each 2-player team contains a codemaker and codebreaker. The codemaker uses a codebook to create a 5-letter word to communicate critical information to their teammate. The codebreaker uses a 5×5 wooden grid and colored plastic blocks to guess the shape of each letter, then decipher the word, once all the letters are revealed. The first team to decode the word wins.challenging.1pm3pm
Astra AdventuresSpace mining and battles.Astra Adventures is a medium-weight, action selection, resource management, and worker placement competitive strategy game for 2-4 players. Each player is the captain of a space ship owned by an intergalactic corporation that mines space crystals. The crystals are used to create everything from lasers to engine fuel and the player who ultimately controls them will rule the universe and win the game!3pm5pm

Sunday, June 25th Dreamco Tabletop Game Schedule at RinCon

ImageNameGenreDescriptionStart TimeEnd Time
Astra AdventuresBattles and Resource ManagementA medium-weight, 4E space game where players use an intergalactic subway to travel to planets and place miners who collect rare and exotic crystals.11am1pm
OnamonaMemorizationMemorizing the sounds of a variety of cute animals. 1pm1:30pm
CrypticolorCode making and breakingThis game involves spies making and breaking codes, It is super fun and moderately challenging.2pm4pm
Dexterity GamesQuick dexterity gamesThese three short dexterity games involving bowling, golfing, and shooting invading space robots. All the games are lightweight, fun, and fast.4pm5pm

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