How to Play Tutorial


Neversnake is a fantasy storytelling game based on the Hero’s Journey, a story template about a hero who goes on an adventure, overcomes great obstacles, and returns home transformed.

But Mom, It’s Educational!

We’ve been trying to convince our parents for years to let us play fantasy games instead of doing homework, but it never worked. Until we came up with the solution: get a teacher to assign our favorite fantasy game as homework!

We recently learned the head of the film department at Pima Community College (Tucson, Arizona) uses the Hero’s Journey to teach his students about screenwriting, so we decided to help him add a few dozen dragons to his curriculum.

If you do the math (screenwriting class = Hero’s Journey = Neversnake), it means students could play our game instead of doing homework for an entire semester!

Okay, maybe not an entire semester, but at least long enough to have some fun.

As a result of our fuzzy math, we’re proud to announce Neversnake will be used in two college classes this spring to teach students about dragons … I mean spellcasting … I mean screenwriting.

The epic adventure to slay a legendary beast, and get a good grade in class, has begun.